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Created for sales & marketing profiles, pursues one single target: to show you the best suited jobs for your sales or marketing skills in a fast and user friendly way, to allow you to find your ideal sales or marketing job for your career. On onlysalesjob, you can browse our sales or marketing Jobs by category (sales skills, jobs by location, sales jobs by function, jobs by experience) and drill down step by step towards the jobs that are right for you. Top sales employers are conducting direct search in our CV database. Create a free CV profile to communicate your sales or marketing skills to companies. You can also remain anonymous if you dont want to be contacted. You only need to enter your profile once and wait to be contacted by our top employers looking to strengthen their sales or marketing pools of talents. You decide whether you are interested in the job opportunity or not.

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OSJ’s primary goal is to make finding a job in Sales, Marketing and Retail as quick and easy as possible. Regardless of whether you’re jumping into your first job, or a you’re seasoned veteran in Sales and Marketing looking for that next challenge Onlysalejob is the premier jobboard in Belgium and The Netherlands for Sales and Marketing professionals. Apply online to any of our thousands of vacancies, or easily create a profile, it only takes 1 minute, and make yourself visible to hundreds of prospective employers.

  • Over a 1000 jobs posted every month
  • 250 top companies in Belgium and The Netherlands
  • 150 recruiters waiting to receive your cv
  • 2 talent managers who are there to help you in your search

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Are you looking for a new business developer, Account Representative, Store Manager, Marketing Lead or a digital marketeer? You’ve come to the right place. is the gold standard for Sales, Marketing and Retail recruitment in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Finding your ideal candidate has never been easier. Either post your vacancy on our job board, narrowing down your talent pool with CV Match, or look for candidates in our CV database. Our one-of-a-kind business model is anchored by an incredibly competitive price which includes a comprehensive service package. You’ll get to post an unlimited amount of vacancies, have access to all of our functionalities: CV search, cv agents, analytics and reports, Interview guides, candidate feedback, and much more.

Facts and Figures

  • 70,000 site visitors per month
  • 8000 monthly applications
  • 18.000 public profiles and another 50.000 anonymous profiles
  • 23 partners ranging from top universities to major media outlets ensure a top quality talent pool. ( Linkedin, Indeed, IPM, Vlerick, Solvay, VDAB, Broadbean, Knollenstein)

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